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A new way to search for music

  • It's free.
  • It's easy to find music with SEMSIX. No need to register. No need to log in.
  • Saves time. SEMSIX searches several major music portals at the same time.
  • Checks the quality of videos and lists the best quality videos first in search results.

With SEMSIX you can

  • Create your own playlists and listen to them as often you want.
  • Search lyrics and sing along.
  • Search for and listen to web radio stations by genre, artist or city.

More features

SEMSIX screen shot

1 - Search more videos

The quality of videos are shown with colored dots - green standing for the best quality.
Click to search better quality videos for a specific song, or all the songs on an album.

2 - Switch videos

If you don't like the video playing, click to choose a different video for the same song.

3 - Create playlist

Simply drag songs into the playlist, or add a whole album by double-clicking on it. Save your playlists and listen to them. Or send them to your friends.

The music collection

SEMSIX searches and displays the content of

  • Musicbrainz
  • discogs
  • YouTube
  • vimeo
  • myVideo
  • sevenload


The full-text search and lyrics are provided by

  • yahoo
  • lyricsfly

Web radio search

The radio stations are listed by

  • radiotime