What we wanted to achieve with SEMSIX

In a nutshell: We wanted to develop a comfortable web application, which tames the giant music collection on the internet.

The Project

When we decided to develop SEMSIX in March 2009 the new semester had just begun. So we registered it as a software project at our university.

We choose Adobe Flex as programming framework, because the majority of internet users have installed Adobe FlashPlayer and we wanted SEMSIX to be able to run on as many computers as possible.

At the outset, development progressed fast. But, since SEMSIX also plays music, we had to do a lot of testing, which eventually slowed development down. But, that was OK - we care about quality. ;-)

The Team

SEMSIX was developed by Martin Jakobus and Ingo Schock. We have been enrolled in the course Computer Science & Media at Stuttgart Media University since the winter semester of 2006/2007.